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What to Expect and the Phillip Andrews Difference! 

After years of building this business, our business model has proven to substantially satisfy customers. So what to expect is that Phillip or one of his sales people will come out and do the estimate. Then after agreeing to contract us, there is normally a two to three week wait. We schedule the job and are very communicative to the home owner during the whole process. Trust us, the wait is worth it. You are getting the very best gutter people in the region to design and install a quality system that protects your home for 40 years.  We focus on quality and Phillip demands that we give every customer a level of service above and beyond their basic needs to make sure the gutters function properly and have a long life. 

Other than providing the best material, we believe in the American principle of protecting human dignity; that our employees deserve very good wages that respect the hard labor that they frequently perform. We know that well paid, highly skilled labor always produces excellent work 100% of the time! As customer service is of the greatest importance, we place our contracts on a reasonable schedule so that we may do the best job and give each home owner proper attention. 

Phillip Andrews is our founder and master rain gutter designer. Phillip is a native Texan raised in the Brookshire/Katy area, and now lives in Sugar Land with his wife where their two children were raised. While in his early twenties, Phillip worked for a company installing rain gutters for four years while attending university. Completing a degree in accounting from the University of St. Thomas, Phillip worked in public accounting firms for about five years. With the economic layoffs of 2009, boredom behind a desk, and a desire for more exercise, Phillip returned to construction with the launching of Sugar Land Rain Gutters. Success was immediate and our customer reviews state the quality work they have received. Phillip is a member of First Colony Church of Christ,

Sugar Land. 

We hope as you choose to employ our services, that you will continue to help us grow by supporting us with referrals and good reviews. By doing so, you help us develop a new pillar in our community sustaining a quality service to home owners.

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